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Globinar 2.0 Special: Planetary Responsibilities

What political art of responsibility would allow us to articulate accountability for the past into a capacity of responsiveness to contingent futures? And what responsibilities do scholars have in relation to these questions of responsibility?

Published onDec 07, 2021
Globinar 2.0 Special: Planetary Responsibilities


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Saturday, December 11th

10.15 Introduction

10.30-12.15 Panel 1

Simon Caney (Warwick) Political responsibility and climate change

Anna Grear (Cardiff) All the way down and up: Transcellularities, membranous entanglements and a legal imaginary for the planetary

13.30-15.15 Panel 2

Hans-Joerg Rheinberger Planetary responsibility

(Max Planck)

Marilyn Strathern (Cambridge) What falls on people

15.45-17.45 Panel 3

Liz Fisher (Oxford) Waste: Legal imagination in action

Stephen Humphreys (LSE) Against future generations

Andrew Lang (Edinburgh) Repertoires of responsibility

Sunday, December 12th

10.00-12.00 Panel 4

Andreas Folkers (Giessen) Environmental responsibility

Hannah Landecker (UCLA) Inflammatory remarks

Alain Pottage (Sciences Po) Responsibility as inflection

13.00-15.00 Panel 5

Mario Biagioli (UCLA) Irresponsible responsibility

Horatia Muir Watt (Sciences Po) Defending the nonhuman

Thomas Scheffer (Frankfurt) The societies of existential problems

15.30-17.15 Panel 6

Paul Edwards (UCLA) It’s about time. Learning to feel planetary history

Naomi Oreskes (Harvard) Climate change breaks the promise of progress

17.15-18.15 Concluding discussion

Jean d’Aspremont (Sciences Po)

Participants: Jean d’Aspremont (Sciences Po), Mario Biagioli (UCLA), Simon Caney (Warwick), Paul Edwards (Stanford), Liz Fisher (Oxford), Andreas Folkers (Giessen), Anna Grear (Cardiff), Stephen Humphreys (LSE), Hannah Landecker (UCLA), Andrew Lang (Edinburgh), Horatia Muir-Watt (Sciences Po), Naomi Oreskes (Harvard), Alain Pottage (Sciences Po), Hans-Jörg Rheinberger (Max Planck Berlin), Thomas Scheffer (Frankfurt), Marilyn Strathern (Cambridge)


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