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Session 8: Capitalism’s Courtship

Does capitalism have its own structures and forms of administering justice and, if so, how do they differ under its different historical models?

Published onJan 19, 2021
Session 8: Capitalism’s Courtship

To what extent has capitalism shaped courts in its own image? Can we link (either in general, or in specific instances) judicial procedure, composition of courts, their emplacement, or the international scope of jurisdiction, to specific forms and mutations of capitalism (do they reflect the outcomes of particular 'boundary struggles'?)? Examples that would weigh in favour of a very cosy link would be extraterritorial colonial courts and current international investment arbitration (and other privatized models). But in what direction is digitalized justice going? And are 'standard' Western state courts places where 'boundary struggles' can play out either way? 

  • Teemu Ruskola, Legal Orientalism, Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press, 2013, Chapter 5.

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