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Astrid von Busekist

Political Humanities Faculty

Published onSep 12, 2022
Astrid von Busekist

Astrid von Busekist is Professor of political theory at Sciences Po, Paris. She is head of the political theory program at the graduate school; and the editor of Raisons Politiques

She has been visiting professor at the Goethe Universität Frankfurt (2020-2021), at New York University (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020), Tel Aviv University (2009-2011), and the Université Libre de Bruxelles (2001).

 Her latest publications include: with Michael Walzer, Justice is steady work, Cambridge, Polity Press, 2020; Political Theory Today, Raisons Politiques / La Théorie Politique aujourd'hui, Raisons Politiques, Raisons Politiques 20 ans / 20 years, 2022, n°84; “Cross-jurisdictional linguistic cooperation in multilingual federations. Proposals for Europe” in Advances in Interdisciplinary Language Policy F. Grin, L. Maracz et N. Pokorn (ed.), Amsterdam, John Benjamin’s, 2022; After Empire, in Nations and Nationalism, (, 2019; Forms of Pluralism, Columbia University Press, 2018 ; “The Ethics of language policies”, in The Routledge Handbook of Ethics and Public Policy, A. Lever et A. Poama (ed), Londoon, Routledge, 2018 ; Astrid v. Busekist, Idealism or pragmatism? Ad hoc multilingualism and open English, in The Politics of Multilingualism, P. Kraus et al. (ed), Amsterdam, J. Benjamins, 2018; with B. Boudou, “Language and Immigration: What can be Expected from Newcomers?”, in Language Policy and Linguistic Justice, M. Gazzola & al., Heidelberg, Springer, 2018; Portes et murs. Des frontières en démocratie, Paris, Albin Michel, 2016 ; Singulière Belgique, Paris, Fayard, 2012 ; Penser la Politique, Paris, Presses de Sciences-Po, 2010

 She is also the translator of Richard Sennett (Bâtir et Habiter. Pour une éthique de la ville) ; Philippe Sands (La Filière ; Retour à Lemberg) ; Roger Scruton (Conservatisme), and Michael Sandel (La tyrannie du mérite).




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