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Vincent Forray

Political Humanities Fellow

Published onSep 12, 2022
Vincent Forray

Vincent Forray is a professor at the Law School where he teaches Epistemology of Law, Law of Persons and a course of Comparative Law. He also teaches to the undergrad students at the Sciences Po College a course untitled How Do Jurists Think. He conducts a research seminar on The Government of Freedom with Professor Sébastien Pimont.

He was during nine years a professor at the Faculty of Law of McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and, before that, he was a professor at the Faculty of Law of Savoie University. He lectured in several universities around the world: Vilnius (Lithuania), Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Cairo (Egyptia), Chisino (Moldova), Porto Alegre (Brasil).

He is the author of a book based on his doctoral dissertation Le consensualisme dans la théorie générale du contrat (Lextenso / LGDJ, 2007) and he has co-authored a book with Sebastien Pimont in 2017 Décrire le droit…et le transformer – Essai sur la décriture du droit (Dalloz). He is a co-founder of the journal Jurisprudence-Revue critique and he shares with Sebastien Pimont the responsibility of the review of books (general part) within the Revue trimestrielle de droit civil. He is an elected member of the International Academy of Comparative Law since 2019.

Spécialités / Fields of Expertise : 

  • Law of obligations (contracts and torts)

  • Philosophy of law, Legal Theory

  • Law of persons

Publications : 

  • « En écoutant Deleuze. La double structure du droit » (with S. Pimont), in Jacqueline Guittard, Emeric Nicolas, Cyril Sintez (eds.), Deleuze face à la norme, forthcoming, Mare Martin, 2022.

  • « Narrer la norme juridique en prétendant (seulement) la décrire ou Le juriste comme chaman du récit du droit » (with S. Pimont), in Jacqueline Guittard, Emeric Nicolas, Cyril Sintez (eds.), La narration de la norme, forthcoming, Mare Martin, 2022, pp. 267-288

  • « La lutte pour le droit. Une question de méthode » (with S. Pimont), Jurisprudence – Revue critique, numéro 9, 2021, forthcoming.

  • « Droit et gouvernementalité. Un nouveau droit naturel » (with S. Pimont), Droit & Philosophie, special edition, issue 1, 2021.

  • Review of Veronica Corcodel, Modern Law and Otherness – The Dynamics of Inclusion and Exlusion in Comparative Legal Thought , à la Revue critique de droit international privé, 2021.

  • « Gouverner la mondialisation par le droit : l’hypothèse d’un nouveau droit naturel » (with S. Pimont), Revue Européenne de Droit, issue 2, 2021.

  • « Ecriture doctrinale », McGill Law Journal, Volume 66, issue 1, 2020.

  • « Politique des formes civiles » (with S. Pimont), Revue trimestrielle de droit civil, 2020, p. 528.

  • Review of Véronique Champeil-Desplats (with S. Pimont), Théorie générale des droits et libertés - Perspective analytique , Revue trimestrielle de droit civil, 2020.

Vincent Forray's publications

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