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Session 11: Colonialism, Labor and Informal Work

This section examines the extent to which colonialism's political economy interfaces with international law and legal forms of labor, particularly via the practice of normalizing work relationships as a means of increasing wealth and welfare.

Published onMar 17, 2022
Session 11: Colonialism, Labor and Informal Work

For seminar materials, see the Globinar Cloud. Please note that access is restricted to registered participants only.

  • Lourdes Beneria, Gender, Development and Globalization. Economics As if all People Mattered, pp. 131-140 and 159-160.

  • Vasuki Nesiah, Labor at the Crossroads of Imperialism, Humanitarianism and Capitalism: A Window into the Future of Work in Two Parts, pp. 1, 10-17.

  • Kerry Rittich, Historicising Labour in Development: Labour Market Formalisation through the Lens of British Colonial Administration, especially pp. 44-50.

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