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Session 7: Decolonizing Law

Is the very mode of existence of Western law irretrievably colonial? Or are there ways of de-colonizing legality? If so, to what extent can we look to models of normativity in the non-Western world, or indeed, more radically, in the universes of animals and things?

Published onJan 18, 2022
Session 7: Decolonizing Law

For seminar materials, see the Globinar Cloud. Please note that access is restricted to registered participants only.

  • Lena Salaymeh and Ralf Michaels. Decolonial Comparative Law (2022), pages 170-180 and 186-188.

  • Ramón Grosfoguel, Laura Oso and Anastasia Christou. “‘Racism’, intersectionality and migration studies: framing some theoretical reflections”. Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power, vol. 22, no. 6, 2015, pages 638-647

  • Fernanda Nicola, Scandal involving World Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ index exposes problems in using sportslike rankings to guide development goals 15 octobre 2021.


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