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Session 9: Structures and Strictures of Neoliberal Legality

Private corporate power (untrammeled), value chains (unregulated), sovereign debt (transgenerational and odious) and competition (fierce): to what extent and how have such legal institutions and practices traversed profound changes in political regimes and legal consciousness?

Published onFeb 17, 2022
Session 9: Structures and Strictures of Neoliberal Legality

For seminar materials, see the Globinar Cloud. Please note that access is restricted to registered participants only.

  • Kevin E. Davis. “Haiti and the Uses of Comparative Legal History in the Caribbean”, February 14, 2022.

  • Grietje Baars. “The Corporation and the Political Economy of International Law”, section 2B at pages 76-132, in The Corporation, Law and Capitalism: A Radical Perspective on the Role of Law in the Global Political Economy, Brill, Leiden/Boston, 2019.

  • Poul F. Kjaer. “Global Law As Inter-Contextuality and As Inter-Legality”, pages 302-318, in Jan Klabbers and Gianluigi Palombella (eds), The Challenges of Inter-Legality, Cambridge University Press, 2019.

  • Robert Wai. “An introduction and some readings on J.S. Mill and Liberal Internationalism/Liberal Imperialism”.

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